Humble Beginnings

We had a situation, a serious situation of payment delays. We knew this had sink our ship and we had to deal with it. But how?

Dunnly was founded around a series of questions and a quest to create an original model, and one of practical use, for a vendor’s internal analysis of the likelihood of late and incomplete payments, in an uncertain payment environment.

An argumentative model was formulated based on the Markov chain theory and by defining the special states corresponding to claims that have been paid, and those that need resolution. 

We wanted to define a technology and data model that could relate and disrupt the historically archaic industry.The model had to be simple,and laid down well with a foundation of extensive mathematics.

Leverage artificial intelligence in debt collections

Customers for life

It is the basis from which we thrive for the benefit of our employees, our product, our customers, and our community

Through clear channels of communications, openness and transparency we promote understanding and alignment between all team members and project stakeholders.

We establish relations based on trust, respect, and integrity. We encourage an open communication model that values different perspectives.

We foster a culture of continuous improvement and use the best technology available to work efficiently and stay organised.

At Dunnly,we are dedicated to the success of our customers, partners, Dunnly employees and shareholders

We progressed with effective questioning and reasoning.How will the the traditional credit management services modulate for the future? Will it be considered a back office function forever or assume independence with a  separate collection role outside a company’s core business.We started experimenting the probabilities by reaching out to a handful of vendors and with a predictive app that will help recover their outstanding invoices. The results were encouraging and which served as the foundation for Dunnly, originally contributing to the modelling and analysis of  payments in general.

Simplify account receivables through automation

What comes next?

Our services began to gain recognition.As we achieved liquidation rates up to 300% higher than our customers incumbent providers, it was clear that our fresh approach was making a difference. As we scaled and worked with leading companies we delivered our software solution to empower our customers internal collections efforts and reduce their reliance on third-party service providers.Dunnly has evolved to a state of diverse,be it for ambitious global startups or large scale corporations .

Banks & non-bank lenders, utility, teleco & insurance providers, governments, and debt purchasers are bound to benefit  from our technology to provide a superior experience to their customers and team. 


$99 / invoice
  • Single Invoice. One time fee.Pay as you go
  • Predictive analysis, Mail,SMS and phone follow ups
  • Autoswitch to hard collection after 30 days(10% success fee,No monthly fee)
  • 24/7 assistance,reporting & more
  • Zero collection fee for soft collections
Ready to start your first collection?, join hands with a disruptive team?, boost your receivable management?