Get answers to the most frequesnt questions we receive everyday at Dunnly.

If you are in business just like us,we all agree : Cash flow is the life blood of our work. Dunnly works relentlessly to improve your cash flow; leaving you to focus on your business.Spare your accountants for deep financial analytics and let us do the collections.

Payment collection is a highly specialized process and let’s face it,not everyone is good at it. Having Dunnly around is having your own personal bill collector whom you an rely on.All you need to do is log onto the dashboard and we are right there with the data and round the clock support.Your accountant can’t do that for you.

Yes. An account receivable from a business that resulted from providing a product or service is referred to as a debt once a collection agency has been assigned to assist in recovery.

This time,every time.There are no set parameters. The quicker the open items are sent to Dunnly,the faster are your chances of getting paid.

Dunnly has no minimum caps on the amount you can assign us to collect.

To start the dunning process you will need to upload the name, address, contact name, telephone number, and the contact’s e-mail address along with the outstanding balance and the invoice(s) information. Additional backup documentation (invoice copies, contracts, etc.) can be provided at time of placement or by request at a later date.

No. Generally we will work a file for 90 days, at which time we should have a determination as to its collectability. Should circumstances dictate, we could close earlier (bankrupt, out of business, skip, paid, or settled) or hold them (solid contact, negotiating payment, payment plans, litigation).

Dunnly begins contacting your customers within 24 hours of placement through correspondence (letters, e-mails) as well as by telephone.

Yes.Our collective data model can obtain information on your customers and help determine the ability of a debtor to make payment.

We will forward a performance report to you on the 4th of each month. The report includes a line item detail showing the current status of the account, as well as any collections made. Moreover, 24/7 access to your accounts and reports is available via our website.

Yes. Dunnly has partnered with Wirestork.com,the largest legal intelligence company in the Middle east.When there is sufficient reason to believe that litigation could be successful, we will recommend that you litigate the claim. 

The only responsibility the client has would be for advance court costs determined by wirestork, which may be recoverable in a successful collection.

Dunnly provides batch payments or separate payments for each account.Payments are credited to your local bank account.