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Dunnly is offering investors a unique opportunity to be a part of our amazing tech build.We are offering 500,000 shares of authorized voting common stock  to qualified investors at a purchase price of $2.00 per Share.Gross proceeds will be $1M. Closing date is Feb 10.

The Product

Dunnly is a revolutionary cloud-based receivable management and bill collection platform that simplifies collection by triggering a series of collection events based on user inputs, predicts probabilities based upon Markov models, centralizes collection data and messaging and intervenes human effort on demand. The Dunnly system is incomparable and unlike any other traditional agency currently, present in the market.Realizing that late and lacking payments are one of the greatest threats to startups and minor companies,we decided to look into the matter and ended up finding a solution for solving the problem at hand; small companies and startups do not have the resources to collect the money from customers who are not capable and/or willing to pay them, so we have made an easy, user friendly, and efficient payment collection platform.

Where we are

The system now has been developed into a Minimum Viable Product, which is currently being tested among a selected group of beta customers. We currently have 1189 interested companies signed up and expect to turn 30% of them into paying customers before March 2019. We have a perfectly matched team and a bootstrapped setup which can be transferred into huge entrepreneurial success.

Current Traction

Shares Sold


What is a private stock offering?

Dunnly,s private stock raising (Private Placement) is a capital raising event that involves the sale of securities to a relatively small number of select investors. A private placement is different from a public issue in which securities are made available for sale on the open market to any type of investor.

How will i get the Share subscription agreement?

A soft copy of the share subscription agreement will be emailed to your registered address within ten working days.

hOW MUCH is the minimum offering?

Dunnly’s ongoing private stock offering is limited to a maximum of 500 shares per investor and with a minimum offering of ten shares.

Who can invest?

Dunnly stock offerings are aimed at accredited investors who purchase securities (stocks or bonds, usually) for investment purposes and not for resale.

What are the returns?

Dunnly sales are projected to improve by more than 31% this year, and then accelerate to the tune of almost 38% next year.Dunnly is a privately held companies, and its shares are not traded on a public stock exchange. As an investor in Dunnly, you typically receive a return on your investment under the following two scenarios:

  • Dunnly gets acquired by another company.
  • Dunnly goes public in the next six years and undergoes an initial public offering on the NASDAQ, NYSE, or another exchange.


Dunnly is a fintech start up with an exponential potential for growth. Just like any other investment,investing in startups and small businesses is inherently risky, and standard company risk factors such as execution and strategy risk are often magnified at the early stages of a company. Private investments in startup companies are illiquid instruments that typically take up to five and seven years (if ever) before an exit.Investing smaller amounts across a large number of opportunities is a good practice in the private markets just as it is in the public markets and is a great investor benefit facilitated by the JOBS Act.

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